Marjolein is a very natural medium and healer. I had the opportunity to experience a few readings and healings of her.  Although the facts she gave me seem basic and make common sense it is a very weird experience as Marjolein can tell you exactely what she feels in your body.  When you experience a reading of Marjolein you will notice how natural and relaxed she really is. It is like you are talking to a friend and suddenly she makes a comment about something in your life or something that she feels. All the information intuitive and from people passed away come very natural and she is right on the spot every time again. The most beautiful thing about her is that she keeps being surprised herself and this keeps her with both her feet on the ground and a very pleasant and down to earth person!

Leonie Wagenmakers

My brother died in a terrible accident in the beautiful mountains of the Island Mallorca. I did not know Marjolein but since that day she is there with me, on distance but close. With a helicopter view she brings me back to my own grief. The questions I have about life, after life and spirits are from such a normal order for her like if she is a Constructor of bridges without the air or arrogance of being different. For me she has been a big light in a dark period of my life.

Inèz Hehemann de Nijs

“I was first introduced to Marjolein through a mutual friend who suggested I meet with her to connect with my departed beloved. I had no expectations but was open to the experience. I was seated on the sofa while she stood and listened and watched with her deeply perceptive inner senses. She then began to describe in precise detail my late husband in ways not even our closest friends knew him. She also described the music she was hearing; music was a big part of our lives and our business (which she did not know) and a way I felt him communicate with me from the other side. I was totally astonished. After she was sure that I knew who she was communicating with, she proceeded to communicate what he wanted her to say to me. I am forever grateful for her extraordinary gift that she shares with great compassion, love and warmth.”

Robin Johnson (

Marjolein gave me an idea to solve a personal item by mentioning a certain person that has a way to deal with this situation. After reading about this person in internet and watching some videos, I applied this ideas into my life, and it worked. She saw a problem in my life that I was not aware of. She gave me a solution without even mentioning that she was talking about an advice, and it was tremendously effective for the changes in my life.
She has a capacity to see in a person things so quickly and deeply, that it’s surprising. Marjolein has a special capacity of transmitting ideas, solutions or advices that are very effective. You feel comfortable and secure with her. Her humor, her capacity to see, to feel, to understand the inside of a human beeing is extraordinary. I am very grateful for her help.

Ricardo Jose de la Lastra Becker