My name is Marjolein Lofvers and my life has been given with a lot. Lots of love and also obstacles.
Since my childhood I saw the things as they were, but I also saw colorful bubbles in rooms which others couldn’t see. When I talked about that to my friends they looked to me as if I was strange.

Often I felt different and not understood by people. It made me hide in my shell. I did not talk with other people about what I was experiencing. I desperately wanted to be normal and have a normal life. I had a hard time understanding what I now call my spiritual gift.

The passing away of my dear father accelerated my spiritual development. I decided to seek professional guidance at the Arthur Findlay College, a college dedicated to Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences located  in Stansted, UK. Visiting this college truly felt like coming home. The people there understood me; no one gave me that strange look.  Right there I decided to start sharing my spiritual gift and skills. Back in the Netherlands I continued my studies at the Academy for Mediumship run by José Gosschalk. I took various courses with John Johnson at The Treehouse, also in the Netherlands. I still remain grateful that I was able to meet a lot of inspiring teachers. And now I dare to say to people: I am a medium.